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Helping To Clean The Oceans

A global cleanup operation

4Ocean captains and crews recover trash from global oceans and coastlines seven days a week

Every pound pulled is documented and tracked

We take our cleanup operations seriously and always go the extra mile to ensure our crews are efficient and effective. That’s why we document and track each and every pound of trash we recover.

Cleaning the ocean, rivers, and coastlines

TOTAL RECOVERED GLOBALLY SINCE 2017<br /> 9,049,995 lbs (...and counting!)

A must-have for anyone who loves the ocean

For every steel poster that we sell, we donate to remove half a pound of plastic and rubbish from the ocean.

4ocean was born on a plastic-covered beach in Bali, Indonesia

Founders, Alex and Andrew, have been around the ocean their entire lives. They both grew up on the Florida coast, swimming, diving, fishing, and surfing. After becoming friends in college, they saved up their money for the surf trip of a lifetime to Bali. When they arrived, they found a beach that was completely covered in plastic, with trash-filled waves delivering more garbage with each break.</p> <p>Their eyes were immediately opened to the magnitude of the ocean plastic crisis, and they vowed on the spot to try to do something about it.

The Vault

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Help Clean The Oceans

For every steel poster that we sell, we donate to 4Ocean - a worldwide charity with a mission to clean the oceans of plastic and rubbish.


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